Speciality Services

Speciality Animal Care Services


Animal Crackers are no stranger to animals needing medication and this isn’t something that phases us in the slightest.

Having a large animal family of our own we get plenty of hands-on practice and will not be beaten by animals that are difficult to administer medication to. We will persevere with patience and positive reinforcement to make sure that your animal is not stressed, but that it receives its much needed medicine.

We are more than happy to administer prescribed medication and will follow all instructions relating to its administration:

  • Oral (by mouth)
  • Sublingual (under the tongue) and Buccual (between the gums and the mouth)
  • Aural (ears)
  • Topical ( onto the skin)
  • Subcutaneous ( injected under the skin, such as fluids and insulin)
  • Rectal (into the rectum, often required for animals that experience seizures)
  • Otic (into the eyes)

Each animal is treated as an individual, and we are more than happy to discuss your pets needs before coming out to meet you and your pet, to ensure that we are able to offer the right level of care.

For the most serious conditions I will follow your advice, and take plenty of notes as to what your pets ‘normal’ is and warning signs to look out for, alongside reading up on their condition before their care starts.

Having so much hands on experience with a wide variety of species, we are able to detect subtle signs that animals aren’t well and will always seek veterinary help and advice when needed.

Please feel free to contact us via our web form or give us a call on 07798 804720 to discuss your pets needs to see whether we can help.

Large and unusual collections, including EU IAS listed species.

We have a vast range of experience with large and unusual collections, our own animal family fitting that description very well.

We are more than happy to take enquiries for unusual jobs and to give customer quotations for large collections of the usual companion animals ( we’ve given quotes for a lovely lady involved in animal rescue with a very large number of cats), alongside more unusual choices such as sheep, goats, alpacas, pigs, Shetland ponies etc., plus reptiles and exotic mammals including those listed under the EU IAS regulations.

I am not phased by numbers, breeds, species or husbandry requirements and will be sure to give each animal quality care.

Speciality Animal Care

If you’re looking for a speciality animal care service in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas, call us today on 07798 804720 to arrange a meet and greet or to schedule our services.

If in doubt, please just ask, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a no obligation free quote.

*Please note: Christmas Day and Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate.