Small Animal Care

Small Animal CareWe are able to offer small animal care in your own home through daily or twice daily visits to attend to their needs.

It is not only important to find somebody that likes small animals, but also somebody that is knowledgeable about their husbandry requirements and potential health issues that may occur, so that intervention may be sought if needed.

Home visits include (where appropriate):

  • Giving your animals lots of individual attention and cuddles if they enjoy it
  • Refilling food and water
  • Refilling enrichment toys and foraging trays
  • Emptying litter trays, sweeping up and cleaning up after your pet
  • Engaging in play
  • Topping up bedding
  • Providing fresh food such as vegetables/insects/raw food
  • Making sure each animal is not displaying any signs of stress or ill health
  • Open and close curtains, water plants and put bins out etc. if required

Our Small Animal Experience

We have personally kept a wide range small animals over the years, including rabbits for 25 years (where we have also run a rabbit and guinea pig rescue for 6 years), guinea pigs, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rats, chinchillas, ferrets, duprasi, African pygmy dormice, African pygmy hedgehogs, love birds, parakeets corn snakes, a blue tongued skink, a Moroccan Uromastyx, a Bosc Monitor and an African grey parrot.

We have cared for many of these species in clients own homes, alongside previously running a boarding business for 9 years and regularly housing many of these whilst customers were away to build a vast experience of many individuals.

Other species that I have boarded include degus, gerbils, mice, budgies, leopard geckos, bearded dragons and snakes.

Caring for your small animals

If you’re looking for small animal care in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas, please get in touch via our web form with your requirements and potential dates, alternatively, give us a call on 07798 804720.

One visit per day
Two visits per day

We are more than happy to care for several small animals in one visit, however, we reserve the right to charge slightly more for larger collections and/or who’s care will take longer than the usual allocated slot.

Please get in touch for a personalised free quote.

If we are able to help, we can arrange a no obligation visit to meet with yourselves and your animals, show our insurance documents and DBS check, and for you to make sure you are happy with Animal Crackers caring for your much loved family members.

If in doubt, please just ask, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Please note: Christmas Day and Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate.