Puppy Programme

Puppy ProgrammePuppies require different attention to adult dogs, both for their physical and metal wellbeing.

With our puppy programme we are able to offer puppy visits to your new family member which will help to break their day up whilst you are away, we can assist with basic house training, which can also help get your puppy used to someone other than the family coming into the house. This is hugely beneficial in unforeseen emergency situations to have someone your puppy is comfortable with to care for him until you are able.

The current advice from The Kennel Club and various charities is that puppies should be walked 5 minutes for every month of their age up to twice a day until they are fully grown, to protect their joints from too much impact and potential damage.

What to expect from the puppy programme

We will regularly communicate with yourselves to help your puppy have the best socialisation and early development stage possible. If you’d like their 10/15 minute walk to include a trip to the pet shop on your street, or a toddle to observe people and animals at a local park to help them learn to accept various environmental stimuli and engage with a variety of people and dogs, that’s not a problem!

Your puppy’s success and achievements on their socialisation journey and beyond are as important to us as they are to you.

Our puppy programme involves one to one, private time with your puppy until they reach a suitable physical and mental development stage to start merging with a couple of well behaved dogs, which may become their regular walking buddies.

Puppy visits will likely include:

  • A short walk (once fully vaccinated)
  • Multiple toileting opportunities, to aid your toilet training efforts
  • A short training session for the basic sit/down/stay etc which will prove hugely beneficial in our future adventures in the big wide world, using lots of praise and positive reinforcement
  • Feeding if needed (Pups often require 3-4 small meals a day, so this is a good opportunity to stagger their meals
  • Lots of play and cuddles, fun is a must!

We are fully insured, with an up to date DBS check and certified in animal first aid. We will ensure that both the physical and emotional needs of your puppy are met, providing them with comfort and care, alongside basic training to help your puppy mature into a happy canine citizen.

30 minute visit
One hour visit

We also provide a complementary free group walk for your puppy when they are old enough, for every 5 puppy programme bookings made.

If you’re looking for a basic training puppy programme in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas, call us today on 07798 804720 to arrange a meet and greet or to schedule our services.

If in doubt, please just ask, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*Please note: Christmas Day and Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate.