Professional Referrals

Professional ReferralsNot only do we do work for private individuals, Animal Crackers also work alongside agencies and organisations that need to provide emergency care for animals, when their owners are temporarily out of action.

We have previously helped both Sheffield and Chesterfield social services, the Cinnamon Trust and Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

We offer a professional referrals service that brings peace of mind both to the owners and the organisation whom we are working with.

Our services ensure that the animals receive the very best care and are in good health themselves until their owner is well enough to care for them.

How we can help

Our services enable the animals to stay at home in familiar surroundings whilst the owner is away.

This reduces stress and anxiety during a difficult time and can also assist to make the home look lived in whilst they are away by opening curtains, putting bins out and taking in post etc.

Where it is feasible, we are more than happy to come and visit the owner in hospital/health care institution to get instructions and keys for their home. This gives them a chance to meet with us and put their mind at ease.

I will always provide my insurance and DBS check details to prove my professionalism and that I am trustworthy.

Where this is not appropriate, I will liaise with whichever professional is overseeing the patient’s needs and is aware of the animals that are needing care and implement a care plan, alongside providing regular updates and communication.

Obviously these jobs are generally urgent and cannot be arranged in advance, therefore I advise that you ring me and leave a voicemail on 07798 804720. If we are out driving or walking dogs, we won’t be able to answer straight away but will return calls of this urgency ASAP.