Dog Walking Service

Dog Walking ServiceAnimal Crackers are able to offer fun and stimulating walks for dogs in small, safely integrated groups. We never walk more than four dogs at once which enables us to give each one quality interaction, alongside keeping everybody safe.

Some dogs love to meander and have a good sniff around, others are happiest hurtling after a ball – we love and cater for them all.

We are fully insured, with an up to date DBS check and certified in animal first aid.

With years of experience, happy clients and happy dogs, we will ensure that both the mental and physical needs of your dog are met.

Walking your dog

Your dog will be walked in a safe, stimulating environment and come home tired and more settled.

Our dog walking service is perfect for owners who are at work, out for the day or have mobility issues / manic family commitments, and struggle to give their dog the exercise it so desperately needs.

Having a trusted, reliable dog walker is an asset for those times you’re unable to take your dog out for walks yourself. We can continue to provide your dog with the potential benefits:

  • Keeps your dog physically fit – It is recommended dogs should be walked between 15 and 45 minutes at least once a day
  • Provides mental stimulation – Dog walking allows your dog the chance to enjoy new interactions with various sights, smells and sounds
  • Socialising and interacting – Walks provide the opportunity for your dog to meet other dogs. They can socialise, play and be a better-rounded canine citizen
  • Reduces boredom – Dogs need to burn off their energy otherwise it can lead to problem behaviors such as nuisance barking and excessive chewing

Daily Dog Walking

Daily walks for your dog provide physical exercise and mental stimulation, leaving them feeling more content, relaxed and happy.

One hour walk

£6 extra for each additional dog, from the same household.

30 minute dog walk

£6 extra for each additional dog, from the same household.


If you’re looking for a dog walking service in the Chesterfield and Sheffield areas, call us today on 07798 804720 to arrange a meet and greet or to schedule our services.

If in doubt, please just ask. If we can’t help, we are likely to be able to recommend someone reputable that can.

*Please note: Christmas Day and Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate.