Cat Sitting Service

Cat Sitting ServiceKnow your cats are safe and content in the comfort of their own home with our cat sitting service.

If you’re planning a holiday, will be away from home for a while, or recovering from an illness or operation and are struggling to meet your cat’s needs, you need to know your cats are looked after and your home is safe.

We are fully insured, with an up to date DBS check and certified in animal first aid.

With years of experience, happy clients and happy cats, we will ensure that both the physical and emotional needs of your cat are met, providing them with comfort and care, alongside mental stimulation, whilst making sure your home is kept clean from any mess your cats make.

Looking after your cat

Cats are creatures of habit and putting your cat into a cattery will disrupt their routine and cause stress. With our cat sitting service you can rest knowing your cats are:

  • Stress Free
  • Free to go about their usual routine
  • Can enjoy their home comforts
  • and get plenty of fuss

Daily Cat Sitting Visits

Our cat sitting service involves feeding your cats, administering prescribed medication, changing litter trays, washing food bowls, watering plants, putting out bins if necessary, and of course, giving your cat plenty of attention and love.

One visit per day

Often one visit is enough to provide your cat with some attention and attend to it’s feeding/cleaning requirements etc, alongside putting any bins out and watering plants.

Two visits per day

This is particularly useful for cats that need medication at regular intervals or those that really crave attention. Visits are usually scheduled for an AM and PM visit, although early afternoon and evening visits can be accommodated.


If you’re interested in our cat sitting service, call us today on 07798 804720 to arrange a meet and greet or to schedule our services.

*Please note: Christmas Day and Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate.