Frequently Asked Questions

No – my vehicle isn’t sign written, nor does it have any magnetic advertising on it. It is just a very ordinary, plain vehicle.

I try to visit homes at varying times across the day, as advised by the local police, and often don’t park outside of the house that I am visiting, so as not to draw attention.

I am also quite happy to turn lights on and off and draw and open curtains etc during my visit so that the house appears more lived in.

I will visit you prior to you leaving with a short form to fill in, whereby we will cover important details relating to your pets, their usual diet, health conditions and routine, alongside emergency contact and vet details.

We will also cover anything else you may wish me to do during my visits, such as cage cleaning, watering plants or putting wheelie bins out.

Nothing! Just your dog and a correctly fitting collar with ID tag.

I bring all poo bags, quality dehydrated treats and toys. We will cover food intolerance/allergies in my initial meeting with you and these of course will be avoided with care.

This is completely understandable. Thankfully the vast majority of the dogs I currently walk, I have worked with for several years and so I know their characters/likes/dislikes and who they are likely to enjoy walking with.

When taking a new dog out for the first time, I will either walk him/her on their own for the first few walks so that I can begin bonding with your dog and also assess his personality, to see which walks may suit him best. I may sometimes get my daughter to come along as a second pair of hands, so that I can continue bonding with the new dog to the group and calmly integrate him with the existing group.

In the first few walks, I spend a lot of time getting to know your dog and all his particular quirks. It is during this time I will assess how responsive he is to me, as to whether he may be allowed off lead on a long line at some point. The long line is a safety net for the pair of us as it allows your dog some freedom, but also enables me to catch him if suddenly decides not to listen. If he remains responsive during these sessions then I may at some point allow him off lead with some tasty treats to reward him for listening.

I am responsible for ensuring that all dogs in my care are safe and happy, but also for ensuring that they do not cause a nuisance to other members of the public and so it is essential that they must have a good recall away from other dogs, people and bicycles etc for me to risk having them off lead in public, especially with the tightening of the Dangerous Dogs Act recently.

Don’t worry, we still walk dogs that cannot reliably be off lead and they still really enjoy their sessions.

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